Slingshot Rental Season Will Resume Spring 2019!


* You MUST be at least 25 yrs of age to rent

* You MUST be able to properly operate a manual transmission vehicle

* You MAY bring a passenger.  If the passenger is a minor you MUST be their parent/guardian

* You MUST wear a helmet and eye protection (helmets available at no extra charge)

*No overnight rentals


2 HRS = $199| 4 HRS = $249 |8 HRS = $299


* Pricing includes NJ state minimum liability insurance, but does NOT cover damage to the vehicle. You MUST either purchase vehicle Damage Waiver insurance ($20/day) or provide proof that your personal auto insurance policy will cover damage to the Slingshot.  The Damage Waiver has a $1,500 deductible that will be authorized on your credit card